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Our Prices

How much does Emergency Plumber Southampton 24H charge per hour?

We have a transparent charging system and we monitor our economical rates on a regular basis. We complete over 10,000 emergency jobs annually.

The table below shows the hourly emergency rates.

 Service Mon-Fri
 Emergency Plumbing Services £144.00 £180.00 £264.00 £180.00 £264.00
 Commercial Heating & Gas Services £180.00 £240.00 £336.00 £240.00 £336.00
 Boiler Service or Gas Safety Certificate Services £144.00 £180.00 £216.00 £180.00 £216.00
 Heating & Gas Services £144.00 £180.00 £240.00 £180.00 £240.00
 Air Conditioning Services £120.00 £180.00 £240.00 £180.00 £240.00
 Drainage & Jetting Services £180.00 £240.00 £300.00 £240.00 £300.00

*One-hour minimum charge on all jobs.
Thereafter work is charged in 30-minute units.
The table includes indicative prices that can be discounted.
Prices do not include the cost of the material.
* Prices do not include VAT
* These are the maximum rates

What happens when a client complaint about the price?

We take the customers concerns very seriously and the customer service team is always available to call them in this phone number 02034112027 or in this email We guarantee that we provide an answer to all the complaints that we receive. Immediately after the complaint we talk to the technician and start our investigation about the work done. If the technician has not followed our indications and the client’s concern is confirmed, we guarantee partial or a total refund.