An overflow pipe connects to your central heating or toilet. Sometimes the Overflows pipe may start leaking, indicating that there’s a problem with the valves. Other times, your overflow pipe may be leaking because your pipes are rusty. Degraded tap washers may also cause your pipes to have overflows in Southampton.

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You must take care of your overflows as soon as you notice a problem. Your premises can become unusable if there’s water everywhere. An overflow problem may cause you to incur huge bills.

Like blocked drains, an overflow problem can damage your:

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Water wastage
  • Huge bills

The problem can quickly escalate, and you may have to part with a large sum of money to do repairs on your property. So, call us at any time, and a plumber will be at your doorstep to repair the problem, be it day or night. Because, the plumbers have the necessary knowledge and experience to diagnose the problem and localize its source.


We have affordable prices on offer, and the technicians are always transparent with customers about the costs before that project begins. The technicians also promptly communicate regarding matters that may arise during the course of the project.

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